QueenLand Academies

Disclosure Policy

All information relevant to the Student Selection Process that may impact on the assessment of an application must be fully disclosed (where requested in the application, or in a separate statement submitted to the Queensland Academies Admissions Office) at the time of application. Should such information become available after application submission, this must be provided to Queensland Academies as soon as possible and prior to acceptance of offer. The Principal reserves the right to cease processing an application for a future student or cease the enrolment of an existing student where entitlement to enrolment has been obtained through false or misleading statements. The Principal has the right to withdraw an offer of enrolment or program membership should evidence become available that the student is not able to meet expected standards of behaviour.


The Department of Education (DoE) is collecting the information on this form for the purposes outlined in the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006(Qld) (EGPA 2006), and in particular for:

i. assessing whether your application for enrolment or program membership should be approved

ii. meeting reporting obligations required by law or under Federal – State Government funding arrangements

iii. arrangements administering and planning for providing appropriate education, training and support services to students

iv. assisting departmental staff to maintain the good order and management of schools, and to fulfil their duty of care to all students and staff

v. communicating with students and parents.

This collection is authorised by ss. 155 and 428 of the EGPA 2006. DoE will disclose personal information from this form to the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority when opening student accounts, in compliance with Part 3 of the Education (Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority) Act 2014 (Qld). Personal Information from this form will also be supplied to Centrelink in compliance with ss.194 and 195 of the Social Security (Administration) Act 1999 (Cth). De-identified information concerning parents’ school and non-school education, occupation group and main language other than English and students’ country of birth, main language other than English, gender and Indigenous status, is supplied to the Australian Government Department of Education in compliance with Federal – State Government funding agreements.
Personal information collected on this form may also be disclosed to third parties where authorised or required by law. Your information will be stored securely. If you wish to access or correct any of the personal information on this form or discuss how it has been dealt with, please contact the school in the first instance. If you have a concern or complaint about the way your personal information has been collected, used, stored or disclosed, please also contact the school in the first instance.
Entrance Tests - Entrance Tests are conducted on behalf of Queensland Academies by Edutest, a Third Party (non-departmental) service hosted and managed outside of the Department of Education network. Parents/carers provide information and register applicants for Entrance Tests directly to Edutest. Edutest provides test results directly to Queensland Academies. Refer to Edutest (Edutest.com.au) for terms and conditions of test registration and information around the use and disclosure of information provided to Edutest or contact Queensland Academies.